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 SAT and ACT

All classes are taught by Pat. Welcome!


For  SAT  and  ACT

Assessment at first meeting

 Set solid goals!

 Set personalized prep plan

 Strategies - Review - Drills

Guided home practice

 Three or more official tests

Fee: $459.00

Class Schedules


 Where students prepare to excel!  

At first meeting students are assessed for ability, knowledge, speed, and test-taking skills, then inspired to establish firm goals and set a personalized study plan for success.

In a positive supportive learning environment Pat progresses students through her proven successful "10 Steps to Successful Scores" within a whole process framework  learning to navigate the SAT,  ACT and other standardized tests with confidence, skill, and ease.

Participants become active dynamic test takers and anticipate their test, not as an ordeal, but as an opportunity to perform at their own unique level of excellence for happy results.

View the SAT and ACT group class schedules.

Private classes are also available.


Thousands of seminar graduates are enjoying success with NMSQT, ATHLETIC, ACADEMIC,  ROTC  and merit scholarships at Ivy Leagues, Military Academies, UC's, and other highly selective schools and colleges of choice.

Pat is dedicated to ensuring that students test effectively and receive standardized test scores that accurately reflect their unique abilities and achievements.​ 


Set confident—"dream"—goals at your first meeting with Pat!

If, after attending all five​  SAT or ACT classes and completing the suggested 10 to 15 hours of home practice, you do not reach your goals, then you are welcome to repeat the two hour Refresher/Simulation Session FREE, on an assigned date within 3 months of next test date.

Persistent positive students learn to test happily and achieve even beyond their goals! 


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